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Wednesday November 15th, 2017 8:30AM — 2:45PM
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Pennsylvania Fellowship Program for Special Education Leaders

Including ALL Students in the General Education Environment

Multiple Locations

Event Type: Inservices/workshops Inservices/workshops

Credit Type: Act 48 Clock Hour (5 hours)

Registration Contact: Debbie Parra, dparra@pattan.net, 800 441-3215

Content Contact: Judy Ball, jball@pattan.net, 1-800-441-3215 ext. 7230


This event is by invitation only. You must have a registration key in order to register.
This event is part of a series of related events.

This professional development session will focus on improving inclusive practices for students with disabilities. It will include the use and understanding of new terminology such as "ableism" and "presume competence". Participants will be given opportunities to learn new content and share with each other how to apply it in their own settings.


  • Participants will be able to define ableism and identify examples of ableism in education.
  • Participants will know the topics that are presented to principals in the NISL module on including students with disabilities in order to support principals with whom they work.
  • Participants will examine the educational review process
  • Participants will have a thorough understanding of supplementary aids and services to provide to students with disabilities in order to support them in the general education environment.

Target Audience

This training is specifically designed for special education administrators who have been accepted into the Special Education Fellowship Program.

Individuals attending this course must arrive on time and stay the duration of the course in order to receive Act 48 Professional Education hours. Requests for exceptions are to be brought to the attention of the individual´s Superintendent or IU Director prior to the course.

Topics Covered: Leadership


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  • PaTTAN Educational Consultant


Reasonable efforts will be made to accommodate individuals who have special needs as addressed by the Americans with Disabilities Act and who need assistance at this training. Contact: Debbie Parra, at 800-441-3215× 7242, or dparra@pattan.net.

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