Bully Prevention Training 2011

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In an effort to respond to the epidemic proportions of bullying in American schools, Bully Prevention in Positive Behavior Support was designed, blending school-wide positive behavior support, explicit instruction regarding a 3-step response to problem behavior, and a reconceptualization of the bullying construct. Bully Prevention in Positive Behavior Support (BP-PBS) gives students the tools necessary to remove the social rewards maintaining inappropriate behavior, thereby decreasing the likelihood of problem behavior occurring in the future. BP-PBS not only decreases incidents of bullying behavior, but also increases appropriate recipient responses to bullying behavior and appropriate bystander responses to bullying behavior. In addition, because the program is designed to fit within a larger system of positive behavior support, it is far less resource intensive and far more likely to be implemented over consecutive years.

During this session, which is being held on 11/1/11, participants will have the opportunity to learn about bully prevention using the BP-PBS curricula and its use as a universal strategy for addressing behavioral issues for all students.

Title of Training: Bully Prevention Curricula Training 2011
Presenter: Dr. Scott Ross
Training Date: 11/01/2011

Topic: Behavior

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